Do Mindset Tips or Practical Blogging Tips Matter More?

I posted 2 posts on my blog today. A video. An article. I have published 2 guest posts. including this read. How? It's not even 1:30 p.m. I only blogged and worked for a few hours. How did I do it? I have spent thousands of hours practicing my writing over the years of my life.

My carefully developed writing skills allow me to direct traffic to my blog. Practicing writing is about the most basic tips for driving in traffic. Why? Being clear, confident, and productive is key to increasing your blog traffic. Gain clarity by practicing your writing. Be confident in practicing your writing. Be productive by practicing your writing.

Of course, this concept seems strange to most bloggers, as most only want to post a few posts and get rich. Deception penetrates the minds of the blogging masses, masked as fear. But the visualization of your dreams is grounded in reality. If you anchor yourself in reality, you will be made aware of this basic fact. Practicing writing can be your most important ally on your successful blogging journey.

Think about the volume, quality, and consistency of the blog traffic I'm going to drive today based on 1 article I published about Blogging From Paradise and 2 guest posts that I publish. Throw in 1-2 more guest posts that I'll post later today. Now imagine the thousands of blog posts and guest posts I've published over the years. That's a lot of traffic. But I've only posted so many blog and guest posts because I've practiced writing like crazy for years.

Some exercises included private writing. I would write words in a Word document and then throw the sucker into the trash. However, most of the practices involved writing and publishing content on a public stage through blog and guest posts. Watch really qualified people in every niche. Professional athletes practice their craft for years, thousands of hours, artists master their discipline for years, if not decades, and entertainers patiently practice their craft for years.

These masters also command top dollars. A world-famous artist offered 10-minute sketches on the street. Someone accepted his offer. He created a masterpiece in 10 minutes. When the customer asked for the price, the artist quoted $ 50,000. The customer angrily complained about the seemingly ridiculous price for 10 minutes of work. The master artist quickly corrected this fool; He would pay $ 50,000 for the * 35-year practice the artist invested in developing skills so amazing that he could paint a masterpiece in 10 minutes. *

I have absolutely no problems in directing traffic to my blog as I have had no problems practicing my writing. I really practice people and write thousands of words every day for years. Follow me. Develop the core competency needed to increase your blog traffic. As soon as you can really write, the traffic comes. Once you can really write – after a lot of practice – it will be pretty easy to be productive. Everything happens because you are at work.

An important practice point when writing is creating attractive blog post headings. But how do you do that? I recorded a short video in Thailand some time ago to help you write effective blog post titles:

Write, write and write more. Remember why you practice writing. Visualize your dreams. See how you live in breathtaking places like Fiji, where I shot the Seflie for the featured image. Take the time to drive traffic to your blog.


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