Do Pops Still Work in 2020? Q&A with Experts


Some will say that pop ads are too annoying. But isn't it one of the few ways to overcome banner blindness and succeed in the world where advertising is everywhere?

The advantages of Popunders speak for themselves: low prices and a high volume of traffic, which means that they will definitely be alive in 2020. And now it's one of the easiest formats for converting.

The RichPops team asked affiliate marketing experts how they could make a profit using this format, and in particular:

  • What challenges you face and how you can avoid common pitfalls.
  • How to choose an offer for your pop advertising campaign.
  • How to choose the right GEO.
  • Landing page tips for Popunder and more.

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Challenges and mistakes

Pop ads are a good option because of their low bids. First, we asked affiliate marketers what challenges pop campaigns faced and how they dealt with them.

Luke KlingThe founder of affLIFT says the biggest obstacle may be the format itself.

Since people don't really expect to see a Popunder, you need a landing page that can grab their attention quickly before they close the window.

He adds that one of his most common mistakes was setting up inaccurate targeting settings.

With a pop campaign, traffic can come in very quickly. It is therefore important that you check your settings before starting the campaign, for example, to avoid blowing up your budget on the wrong device.

RichPops experts recommend setting advanced targeting options such as GEO, operating system, device, browser language, new subscribers, and more, depending on your goals for smarter budget spending.

In return, Nick Lenihan, a buyer of affiliate media for more than 8 years, is certain that one of the most serious problems with pop ads is getting a lot of bot traffic. But there are solutions for this.

You can set up bot traps on your landings or use solutions provided by many trackers.

Integrated anti-fraud solutions for advertising networks are also common.

They aim to identify sources of bot traffic and their immediate ban.

Affiliate marketer with more than 7 years of experience Servando Silva I think it is sometimes difficult to find a really good offer.

This is because the offer for that particular traffic must perform well to get a thorough back-end payout. Otherwise the campaign will be stopped.

With KJ Rocker As a full-time performance marketer and mentor, we also talked about his first mistakes.

Some of them involved launching pop advertising campaigns without prior research, without focusing on an industry and expecting immediate success.

Colin Dijs is the founder of Dijs University and at the beginning recommends not to spend too much too quickly.

It is best to work slowly and steadily with a 3-day average of income.

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Offers and GEOs

Despite the fact that pops can work in all GEOs, of course, culturally and educationally
Differences can affect the success of a particular offer.

That is why our affiliate marketing experts shared their approaches to the right selection of GEOs and offers.

KJ Rocker suggests asking an ad network manager about deals or industries that work best, and then reviewing what deals your affiliate network can offer you.

Alternatively, you can accept unique offers that are not advertised as often.

Servando Silva Like many other professionals, to validate the data, it prefers to check spy tools like AdPlexity.

In this way you will find out which verticals and landings are currently taking off.

Speaking of certain industries that work best with Popunder ads, we've developed the ultimate list from the answers we've received:

  • Contest
  • casino
  • Dating
  • Gambling
  • Apps
  • Adults

The secret is simple: All of these industries are massively engaging, which is necessary for pop ads. And basically you have to remember what you sell and who you sell to.

The views of the GEOs were different. For example, KJ Rocker says if you have a unique offering (far from so-called proven ones) Tier 3 countries can convert perfectly and they have huge quantities.

Colin Dijs agrees that Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries work well due to relatively low costs and good conversion rates, with competitions being the most relevant industry.
On the other hand, Nick Lenihan prefers top levels, as campaigns can generally be scaled up more, although all levels can work well to some extent.

All in all, Tier 2 and 3 are characterized by the enormous volume of traffic and can be easier to use. Tier 1 is often chosen by more experienced marketers: it is often associated with less traffic and more complex conversions.

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Home pages

When it comes to landing pages, there are a few things to keep in mind: how to choose a host for them, how they should look to convert welland if too make a foreland or not. We've also gathered quick tips from our experts below.

Landing pages should be quick to load, simple and appealing, and should prompt the user to take action whenever possible. Servando Silva says. Use a CDN or locate it near the destination so that the countries load as quickly as possible.

Most directly linked pop traffic campaigns are much more difficult to achieve. It is easier to make more money with a foreland or just spend less on testing because it gives you more information about traffic.

Alternative, Luke Kling prefers to link good offers directly due to its deadlines. However, if you are, or would like to be, a full time affiliate marketer, it is more advisable to build pre-landers. You can use PureLander to start.

If you have a lot of traffic quickly, your server may slow down and stop conversions. These services help avoid the problem.

One of the best strategies for pop landing pages is gamification because it occupies the user.

Aggressive landing pages can also work well, but not all traffic sources allow you to use them.

Nick Lenihan thinks a VPS near the target GEO can sometimes be a little faster. However, setting up takes time and effort.

Simple pages that have a clear call to action without the user having to scroll can work great.

Interactive pages (quizzes, polls, wheel, etc.) are also very effective for sweeps, even if the offer pages already contain these elements.

These are not all of the tips for running pop ads that we have put together. Once you've learned more about all of the pitfalls, you can switch to detailed campaign settings, advanced testing strategies, and optimization.

These are all topics that have been discussed with even more affiliate marketing experts and are reflected in the free e-book, which is supposed to make the life of a marketer easier.

Learn more, test recommendations, and make a profit with RichPops. Start here to run pop ads!


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