Top 3 best websites for creating videos for social media

Top 3 best websites for creating videos for social media

73% of marketers made social media videos at least twice a month in 2018, and there are certain reasons for this. Video storytelling is one of the most powerful weapons that we as marketers need to use to target our audience.

Not only did 93% of companies who posted videos online claim to have a new customer thanks to video marketing on social media, but 80% of social media users were more likely to make a purchase after viewing a video from brands social media.

Video marketing on social media helps brands keep their audience's attention, improves audience understanding of their product, which leads to fewer support calls, increased number of conversions, and increased sales.

However, creating and editing videos without the right tools can be a real problem! As the need to share online video increases, it is neither cheaper nor quick to hire a professional every time we want a video post.

That's why we've listed our top three websites for creating social media videos quickly, easily, and in style!

CreatorKit is the perfect one Video editor for social media Content because there are a variety of video templates with different styles and aesthetics.

A key focus is on providing templates that are demonstrably appealing to viewers. This will definitely help you achieve your video marketing goal and increase sales and engagement rates.

CreatorKit also has many text fonts that let you create titles and subtitles and add text to your videos to draw attention to your selling point.

One of our favorite features of CreatorKit is that you have the ability to create motion graphics with thumb stops for your intros, outros and transitions. This feature will make your viewers stop scrolling and be alert.

While the desktop version is already available, the CreatorKit team is working on releasing a mobile app. You will soon be able to work on your computer as well as on your mobile phone and switch to your preferred device at any time!

In addition, CreatorKit is very friendly and intuitive. Simply drag and drop your elements to create fantastic social media videos.

Canva has three key features that make it a great video editing app. First of all, it's very easy to learn how to use it!

Second, it offers a range of up-to-date templates, elements and fonts that you can customize for your own branded video for any social media network you want.

And last but not least, there is both an app and a desktop version!

Although there is a premium option, you'll be happy to know that the free version works fine and you probably won't need an upgrade.

VideoBoost is a video maker app that lets you create any type of video content you can dream of! From ads and tutorials to video explaners and everything in between.

By creating and editing videos with VideoBoost, you can get the perfect marketing video in a really friendly and easy way in just a few minutes.

This app focuses on the most popular social media methods and guides them to their templates and features. This means that every tool provided by VideoBoost has been specifically designed to make the most of your video marketing strategy.


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