Do Mindset Tips or Practical Blogging Tips Matter More?

Imagine you publish 500 spam comments in 500 blogs today. Post a comment with a sentence. Try to use this link. See how far the approach takes you. Not too far at all. Spam is an abbreviation that leads to a quick mistake. All 500 spam comments are stored in spam folders.

Nobody reads spam comments because bloggers empty spam folders without scanning comments. No readers read spam comments because spam comments are placed in spam folders for review. Congratulations! All 500 spam comments designed as a shortcut approach resulted in a quick error.

Spend enough 10 to 12 hours of blogging days using shortcuts, and soon every day with fast failure ends. I went this way a decade ago. I used shortcuts to fail quickly every day.

I woke up. I understood how to be generous, patient and persistent when blogging. I assumed that there are no shortcuts for blogging because all of the fears that make you take shortcuts explode on your face. I read a couple of pitch emails today. Strangers who tried to take shortcuts – because they were too afraid to network really, patiently and persistently – could not impress me quickly.

A blogger wanted me to lower my prices. Even after wishing her the best, she didn't read my previous email. Bloggers who insist on taking shortcuts seem too frenzied to bother reading emails. I feel sorry for shortcuts, but I see this amount fail repeatedly because there is no overnight success.

Build your blog on a solid foundation of being generous, patient, and persistent. Trust yourself. Trust the blogging process. Watch happy, successful bloggers. Everyone shares how success takes years of generous, patient effort. Fall in love with the blogging process to resolve the urge to use abbreviations for blogging.

I remember a well-known blogger telling how he would blog for 15 years in his blogging career for free because he blogs mostly for fun. He never took shortcuts. Do you know how much money he made on his blog? Millions of dollars. More importantly, he lives a life full of fun, freedom and inspiration because he has blogged properly for 15 years. Every lasting success requires a permanent effort.

Every talent that now brings me success required my generous effort over 10 years online. I am writing this helpful post in 15 minutes because I have spent 15,000 hours practicing my blogging skills. I tried to take shortcuts early on but quickly learned my lesson. By blogging, you learn more about yourself than anything else. Impatient bloggers try to take shortcuts because strong fears create the urge.

Either you feel the fear of blogging generously and let go of it, or you bury the fear of making shortcuts to the oblivion of blogging. Pay close attention to the image shown. I took this picture in Phuket, Thailand. I circle the globe through blogging, being generous, patient, persistent, and trusting. No shortcuts. I didn't try to get rich quickly. I took my time because good things take time and generous service.

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To build an honest online business, you need to be patient, persistent, and generous. No honest online entrepreneur takes links because links deceive you and your followers of value, utility, and success. Imagine spending the last 15 minutes spamming 10 bloggers with one-line comments instead of writing this helpful post?

Trying to use this abbreviation makes my brand cheaper, dissolves my credibility, and cheats you for the opportunity to get helpful blogging advice.

Blog properly. Be generous, patient, and persistent to succeed online.


Save time by blogging properly and reduce the urge to use malicious links.

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