Do Mindset Tips or Practical Blogging Tips Matter More?

I wake up the troops again.

I'm emailing a tiny list of my latest blog posts. Every few months, I ask my followers on Twitter and Facebook if anyone wants to join my email list. Today I advised bloggers:

  • I send an email daily with thematic posts on blogging
  • I only email active subscribers. only serious bloggers 🙂

Why do I only email active subscribers? I just want to connect with reputable, clear and active subscribers who open my emails to make sure I don't waste my time creating lists. The creation of lists never impressed me. I haven't actively built up my list for many years. But a couple of months ago I had the impetus to email my list. Here and there I have invited active subscribers to join my list. However, since I only email active subscribers via Mail Chimp settings, I quickly sorted out inactive subscribers to focus on serious bloggers.

I don't have time to waste time. I can't schedule 3 minutes to email a link to my latest blog posts unless bloggers open the email, click the link and read my blog posts. Otherwise, I and my submarines waste time on each other.

I don’t feel like wasting your time. I'm not interested in wasting my time. Take a look at the picture above. I am quite busy circling the globe and living in places like New Zealand (where I took this picture). Emailing active subscribers maximizes my and your efficiency. I make sure that my 3 minute list email is spent doing something that increases my blog traffic and blogging income. They make sure that you open my emails, click on links and add value for blogging tips through my posts. We both win.

But of course most bloggers incorrectly try to tabulate large numbers of lists. This crowd chasing large numbers wastes time with efficient, ineffective actions because the ego is in charge.

Imagine you gain 50 subscribers a day, but only 2 subscribers are active subscribers. 48 subscribers are wasting their time. Depending on the clarity of your offer, you can even waste 48 subscriber times. Everything I do is based on the efficiency of blogging and the effectiveness of blogging. Check out this Facebook embed:

I spent 10 seconds writing and posting an update inviting people to subscribe to my email list. So far, 12 subscribers within two hours have asked to join my list. In the meantime, bloggers stumble over themselves at frantic pace, spending hours, days, and weeks chasing huge numbers that are almost completely worthless, useless, and senseless.

Think about it; I spent 10 seconds attracting 12 subscribers who * actually want to receive my emails * in less than 2 hours. 12 people who want what you have to offer hit 500 subscribers who don't care what you have to offer. In addition, many bloggers work to the bone for hours, days, and weeks to get 500 listless, untargeted readers to join their list.

Email active subscribers only. Give all your attention and energy to serious, hungry, targeted readers because serious, hungry, targeted readers:

  • Open your emails
  • Click on your links
  • Read your blog posts
  • Increase your blog traffic
  • Increase your blogging profits

If active subscribers become inactive subscribers, this is also fine. Put the power in the hands of people to receive or no longer receive your email. Sincerely, I never take a deregistration personally, as readers' schedules, tastes and commitments change from time to time. I'm just going to spend my estimated time and energy – building a full blogging schedule – emailing people who open my emails, click on my links, increase my traffic and increase my profits. I have never known a number on a screen to visit my blog or buy my eBooks, but targeted, reputable, active subscribers visit my blog and buy my eBooks.

Stop chasing selfish, big numbers. Be like me; Select your subscribers to notify only active people via email. Put the power in your hands to log out at any time to maintain your stance and grow your blogging business.


Mindfulness is an important factor when only active subscribers are notified by email. How can you increase mindfulness? I recorded a video in Cyprus some time ago to help you:


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