Why TikTok's wellness content is currently in trend

Feel-good content fill For You pages on TikTok and we love it! But how can brands help create satisfactory “too good to see” videos in the viral app?

We talked to Kelsey Docherty, TikTok brand consultant, lover and video content professional to share their insights into the latest fun, satisfying and all around joyful trends we see in the app this week

TikTok on Thursdays comes from Kelsey's trend watch series InstagramWe'll find out what kind of content makes people smile and examine how easy it is for your brand to try it out.

TikTok Trends overview of the week

As we learned last week, the trendy TikTok content reflects current events, social movements and general developments in the world.

Thank God, Educational content is still in voguewhat we like to see on TikTok! Make sure you visit the trend hashtag #IndigenousPeoplesDay learn important information and celebrate the incredible heritage and cultures of the First Nations, Inuit and Metis.

Watch videos with these details why braids are so important and Suggestions of books to be read by indigenous authors.

@the_landBoys with braids unite! ## foryoupage ## foryou ## FYP ## finalsathome ## nativetiktok ## indigenous ## native ## native ## boyswithbraids ## braids ## xyzbca ## hoka ♬ MINDcrafting – dreadfulbird

A new trend that we have discovered in our feeds is the increase in content for wellbeing and joy. Based on the simple pleasures, we have seen trend hashtags as seen #YogaFlow, #RollerSkating, #PlantLover, and #SelfCareRoutine.

@ the_good_guy91The cars that drive 💥 ## blackskaters ## flavor ## fyp ## honey ## rollerskating ## rollerskater ♬ Cars that are booming – L’Trimm

It's a great time to take a more personal look behind the scenes of your brand.

Think of a video that shows how your employees practice self-care during the block, or try a virtual yoga team building class to build team loyalty.

Do you have a four-legged and fluffy colleague? Now it's time to introduce them to your TikTok audience.

@_sroseI trained my Chihuahua to stretch with me! ## Yoga ## OpenForDelivery ## Keepingbusy ## Lifeathomequiz ## Progamer ## Petlife ## Dog ## Chihuahua ## Puppy ## Together ♬ Do you want to be like you (Cover) – Bachandrock

The best thing about this trend is that there are no rules. If you feel good about creating it and want to share it with your audience, your audience will likely agree!

TikTok trend of the week

There is something to be said for "satisfactorily good" content on TikTok.

Last week I had a video of a man throwing a huge stone into a mud pile. It has over a million likes. Was it one of the most confusing videos that appeared on my For You page? Yes. Do I know why it got so much attention? Also yes.

This is because it is fun to see content on TikTok. That's why slime was such a big YouTube and Instagram trend for so long!

Let's take a look @stickyaustralia. They are a candy store based in Sydney, Australia. Your videos are just clips of them making candy, and I can't stop watching them!

@stickyaustraliaNick does 85% of the work and I try to keep up – Stickyaustralia

Do you understand what I mean!?

Another brand that satisfies content so well is LanoLips (also Australian by chance!). They are a beauty brand that specializes in moisturizing creams and balms for dry skin.

From the brand's point of view, they have a small advantage because their product is organically satisfactory. Let's take a look:

@lanolipsFACE BASE Vitamin E day cream 💧👌🏼 A soft, creamy texture with a smooth, rich spread ♬ Original tone – hamzahwolfhard

In your next TikTok contribution, try to find out how you can integrate satisfactory content – beautiful handwriting, perfect coffee pouring and even perfectly cut vegetables are given space on the "For you" page.

If you are not concerned with visuals, consider how you can include satisfactory audio in the mix (ASMR anyone !?). See how HypeBeast do it here:

@ hypebeast ## hypebeast: Start your week with a Zen garden rake from IG – yukikawae. ## zengarden ## zen ## tiktokrestarea ## art ## fyp ## foryou ## japan ## tranquil ## relax ♬ original sound – hypebeast

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Outstanding TikTok brands of the week

@SomeGoodNewsOfficial has posted feel-good content on Instagram since March and they have also taken over TikTok. The concept was originally developed by John Krasinski to exchange positive messages about the challenges of self-isolation and social distancing in COVID-19.

Your social channels are a constant source of inspiration, positivity, and feel-good stories you want to talk to on your next zoom call with friends – and your TikTok channel is no exception.

@somegoodnewsofficialGood night everyone, stay healthy 🥺❤️❤️ ## SGN ## SomeGoodNews ## quarantinelife ## healthy via @ brianaforgione ♬ original sound – somegoodnewsofficial

TIP: As you can see in some of the latest posts from Some Good News, animals on TikTok are very good and a constant source of wellness content. If there's a way to include animals in your next TikTok video, give it a try!

@somegoodnewsofficialWhat are your roots? 🦆 repost @ colepowell73 ## SGN ## SomeGoodNews ## mariokart ## tiktokanimals ## ducklings ♬ 123start – cyrusaho

Super simple content is very important to your audience on TikTok.

To see creators

# 1: @TabithaBrown, CEO of Joyful Content

When I think of joyful content, I think of it immediately Tabitha Brown.

She has the infectiously positive energy that radiates through your phone as soon as you hear her voice.

@iamtabithabrownHoney a kale smoothie full of protein blocks any negativity !! At least that's how I feel! 😉 ## Protein ## Tabithabrown ## Smoothie ♬ Original sound – iamtabithabrown

Their content is a mix of educational content, including the most amazing recipes, for general wisdom and advice, all of which we need a little more in our lives.

Her most popular video about making guacamole, which has 2 million likes and has been shared over 60,000 times, is the perfect example of why her presence in the app is so magnetic. Let's take a look:

@iamtabithabrown Thank God for guacamole 🙌🏿 ## guacamole ## tabithabrown ♬ original sound – iamtabithabrown

Tabitha has so much wellness content that it was even accepted by Ellen Digital Network as part of the ellentube family!

Her TikTok biography says it all: The world's favorite mother.

# 2: @DadLifeJason, CEO of Serotonin

@ DadLifeJason has almost half a million followers, but earns 10 times! His videos are full of happiness from music. He often sits on his talk box, sings and dances with his family.

@ dadlifejason Do you feel good? We want to let you know that we are luhh! @sislifeharper ## talkbox ## lizzo ## thehighnote ## getintoit please tag Lizzo y’all! ♬ Original sound – dadlifejason

It's the kind of content that makes you smile and pause for a second when you see it on your For You page. This is the kind of break that we all need during our endless scrolling.

# 3: @ThePaperPat, CEO of Teaching Abroad

If you are looking for videos that will make your day better, I highly recommend you to watch them @ThePaperPat.

He is currently teaching English for kindergarten children in Japan. Cue the "awws".

@ thepaperpat, it's usually a whole chorus of "Mr. Patorikku !!" over and over again, but we had a small number of children today. I love this class. ## Teaching life ## Zoom ## Japan ♬ original sound – thepaperpat

He shows us how he deals with his students, takes us on a tour of his city and provides such simple, entertaining content about his experience as a teacher in Japan that you will undoubtedly put a smile on your face.

Time for your homework now. Take a look at your content plan and find new ways to get in touch with your audience on TikTok and incorporate well-being content into your next video – it's easier than you think!

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Kelsey Docherty is the CEO and intern at Kelsey Tries Consulting, a marketing and communications brand specializing in TikTok strategy, content planning and creative support. She is a big fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, her cat Frankie and her dog Boo are the apples of her eye, and if she could have dinner with someone, it would be Serena Williams, Kris Jenner and Heather McMahan.


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